Friday, July 13, 2012


So I'm watching tv for the first time since November, because I saw Jimmy Big Time at my uncle's when we were staying at his house in northern Wisconsin.  Jimmy Big Time is on in an hour and I'm watching Bassmasters in the meantime.

I'm glad that I don't need to make a living catching fish.  1. There are too many bad days.  2. Those pros can't spare a second to enjoy the fish they are catching.  3. every shot shows half a dozen competitors in the background.

Having an office job isn't so bad because my favorite hobbies are 1. shooting deer 2. catching muskies 3. catching smallmouth bass.  These are all outdoor activities, and I do not need to be outside all the time.  Air conditioning is good.

(I'm writing this because of one of my "rules of cooking" which I'll post later. ie. If I'm cooking I'll need a drink, or six.)

These largemouths on Bassmasters seem to glide right in without much of a struggle.  A smallmouth would not go for that. I am once again convinced that smallmouth bass are superior to almost every other freshwater fish.

Tim's Hierarchy of Freshwater Fish:

1. Muskellunge
2. Smallmouth Bass
3. (there is no #3)
4. (there is no #4)
176. I dunno... yellow perch?

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