Sunday, July 1, 2012

Driving in Michigan & Muskie Fishing Detroit

Last week I went muskie fishing in the Detroit River (guess where its located).  I had remembered, from years before, that driving in Michigan was a bit more fun than here in Wisconsin because of their higher speed limits and less obnoxious cops.  I remember being passed right and left despite it being me who is uually doing the passing here in Wisconsin.

But I was amazed that, despite the 70 mph speed limit, on I-94, I had a hard time keeping my speed near 70.  I only saw one cop, and yet the speed of the passing lane was often below 65.  Even with Wisconsin's 65 mph speed limit we would have been going faster than I was in Michigan on a bright dry day.

One thing I noticed was the 60 mph speed limit for trucks.  It doesn't make sense to me why a state would have different speed limits for different drivers.  I'd think that everyone going the same speed would be safer than requiring differing speeds.  One truck passing another, each at 60, was a constant annoyance.

I'd be interested if anyone knows why Michigan drivers have slowed down so much, or were last Wednesday and Thursday the exceptions.

Despite the weirdly slow drivers fishing the Detroit river was good.

Kevin Long's Longcast Guide Service was good.  Kevin (the guide), my dad, and I caught 7 muskies and a 21 inch smallmouth bass.  7 muskies in one day is quite a few anywhere but Lake St. Clair and its adjacent rivers.  The biggest ones were 39.5" and 40.5" which was a bit shorter than we would've liked, but 7 muskies in one day is always quite a day.

We were jigging the river.  Jigging is something I've done for bass and panfish but never before for muskies.  We let the "Bondy Baits" sink to the bottom and bounced them along.  Jigging for muskies was new to my dad and he is very anxious to try it in other bodies of water now that we know how to do it.

Kevin was a good guide and if you want to catch a muskie or smallmouth bass I'd check out his website.

40.5" Muskie from the Detroit River

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