Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Minimum Musky Lures

An interesting story in Larry Ramsell's A Compendium of Musky Angling History reminded me of an old time musky guide who only used three lures: a black bucktail, a yellow bucktail, and a surface bait I can't remember.

If I were to outfit someone with the minimum musky lures they would be these:

An original floating Rapala minnow, 7".  In gold, silver, or perch color.

A gold/ yellow Mepps Musky Marabou tail.

A silver/ white Rizzo Whiz

And a 9" Bull Dawg, any color.

If we could add to that list, I'd add a weighted Suick, a 12" Bull Dawg, a Luhr Jensen Woodchopper, any number of Rizzo Whizzes, a Rapala jointed original floating minnow, and a Slammer crankbait.

If you are looking to start your musky tackle box you can't go wrong with any of these.

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