Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Muskie Lures

In a recent issue of Musky Hunter the editor, Jim Saric, says that he has about 350 muskie lures in his boat becasue he uses them all to catch fish.  He also said that every guide he knows has lots and lots of lures in their boats.

It has always seemed to me that the guides that I have fished with have indeed had many lures in their boats.  Generally, a bunch of bucktails, in a few colors, a few of the same crankbaits, in a few colors, and possibly a few of the same jerkbaits, in a few colors.  It makes sense that if you are a guide you do not want to get caught short a few lures when some people are paying you for your time.

I even knew a guide who used exactly one Suick for the whole year.

Having a handful of lures that you are confident in seems to me to be a better plan than constantly looking for and switching to something else.  If you have a few good lures then they should spend the maximum time in the water.

Dad's tackle box for his big fish, fly-in trip to Canada:

His spring/ early summer tackle box (change colors around and multiply by a few):

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