Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tim Reviews: Musky Lures

Tim (that would be me) has caught over 300 30" muskies so far and is here to review some muskie lures.

Reef Runner Ripstick

These are good crankbaits they work well casting.

Despite their odd, and small, lips they work beautifully. The 900 Series is 7" long and has a bit bigger look than Rapala's Original Floating Minnow; this makes it preferable to the Rapala during the summer.  (Although during the spring while using smaller baits why would you use anything but the best minnow bait?)

A taller version would be nice during the summer and they may be a bit too small for fall fishing.

Also available: are a deep diving version and a Little Ripper

Muskie Lure Rating: 4/5


These are one of the original muskie jerkbaits and are the standard by which all other jerkbaits are measured.

They work well.  But a few years ago they had a quality issue where the metal tail was not inserted strait.  If the tail is not strait the lure is junk, be careful when buying.  The tail should enter the wood parallel to both the top and bottom of the wood.

We sometimes think that one particular Suick is extra special, but we will not know until it has been casted for thousands of hours.  It could be that they don't hit their peak until the hooks and fish teeth have worn their marks into the wood.

They come in various sizes and are weighted or unweighted.  If you are buying your first Suick buy a 9" or 10" weighted version.

Muskie Lure Rating: 4/5


A plastic jerkbait designed after the wood Stalker jerkbait, that does not compare to the original.

These were designed to be similar to Stalker jerkbaits, but I suspect that they are not wide enough where the front is carved out, so they do not work well or have much action.

The regular unweighted is particularly useless, as I am only ever able to get it to go sideways across the surface.

They come in 1 size, with a rubber tail or without.

Muskie Lure Rating: 2/5 (weighted versions) 0/5 (unweighted versions)

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