Monday, July 16, 2012

Tim Reviews: Musky Lures

Surface Baits or Topwater lures

I think that surface baits need to do two things: float and have some action.

Woodchopper, Peacock Bass Special, and Big Game Woodchopper by Luhr Jensen

These are exceptional surface baits which come in a variety of names for some slight differences in size and shape.  They have a prop or two, in back and or front. 

I have used a small black/ orange one to great effect on small muskies, and I've caught them up to 45" on a bigger black/ gold/ orange one.

They work excellently.  They have become just about the only surface bait that I have used for the past few years.

One modification you should make is to add a piece of shrink tubing to the last hook and split ring because the back hook often gets tangled with the prop.

One last note is that for some reason these lures are colossally hard to find, they are not even listed on the Luhr Jensen website.  You'll really need to look for them if you want one.

Musky Lure Rating: 5/5

Hawg Wobbler by Mouldy's

Hawg Wobbler
This is a good working surface bait, and its an original lure.

It works well but it must be retrieved very, very, very slowly or it will just drag through the water sideways.

Don't expect any action from the prop at the rear those style of blades never seem to work very well.  Blades like the ones the woodchoppers have are best.

Use it well the water is dead flat and you, and your boat, are hardly moving.

Muskie Lure Rating: 4/5

Loc A Motive (sp?) by Slammer Tackle

It may no longer be made but I am including it here because it is my second favorite surface bait.

It has the same lip as a Hawg Wobbler but it has more sections.  It was advertised as having "a box of marbles" sound.

Like the Hawg Wobbler it needs to be very, very, very slowly retrieved.  It really sounds like nothing else.  If the water is dead flat it is the lure I would use first.

Add a split ring to the front eye, it works much better with that extra joint.

Muskie Lure Rating: 4/5 

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