Sunday, July 8, 2012

Suspended Muskies

This season of muskie fishing has been slow going for everyone I've heard from.  In northern Wisconsin, its been days and days and days of nothing, then an afternoon with several fish caught.  I hadn't been out much this year and had only seen 4 muskies prior to this weekend.

But we stopped by my dad's friend, and famous muskie guide, Tony Rizzo for a while this past Saturday and he reminded us that fishing during the summer on bright, hot days often means that fishing for suspended fish is the best idea.  He wrote a book, The Summer Muskie, about it, but it is currently unavailable through

When we were choosing a lake to fish we decided that instead of not catching little fish, on little fish lakes, we should not catch big fish on a big fish lake.  So we went to a big fish lake found the deepest part, about 50 feet, and after an hour I caught a 40 inch muskie.

Moral of the story:  If its a bright, hot, summer day, and you are muskie fishing, then find a deep hole to cast over.

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