Friday, November 23, 2012


As a college graduate I can tell you two things that non-college graduates cannot:

1. College is a waste of time, money, and effort
2. College student's don't know anything about alcohol

While in that waste of time I tried all the different beers that I could find.  My rankings are as follows:

1. Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

2. Samuel Adams Brown Ale

3. Samuel Adams Boston Lager

4. All other Samuel Adams brews

5. Guinness

6. Old Rasputin

7. Guinness Extra Stout

8. Labatt's Maximum Ice (not available in U.S.)

9. Lienenkugel's Creamy Dark

10. Killian's Irish Red

11. Molson's Canadien

...skip a few...

15. Old Style

...skip a few more...

Last. Any Michelob

Don't forget this blog's official song:

In closing Samuel Adams is best.


Extra Period..


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  1. Reading this post and watching that video was a religious experiance for me...

    Oh mighty one in the heavens who created the mountains, the seas and beer
    We thank thee