Wednesday, November 21, 2012


68% Want Both Tax Hikes and Spending Cuts in Budget Deal

Of course they do.  That sounds fair.  Both sides have to give something.

Let's debate what you will have for lunch.  You want 100% food and I want you to have 100% poison. 

A fair compromise would be 50% food and 50% poison.  Fair is good right? 

I'll even be more generous, you can have 95% food and only 5% poison.  You'll get 95% of what you want!

That's way more than fair right? And, of course, you'll be happy with your victory.

Taxing the rich more is the same as poisoning our food.  Taxing the people who create jobs, create new businesses, and spend money in our economy.  Punishing those people will not improve the lives of anyone, and even a 100% income tax on the rich would not even begin to cover our annual deficit.

 In order to balance the budget we need to cut spending!


  1. Nah, more like - I want tax hikes for everyone outside of my tax bracket. I want spending cuts in all program - except the ones from which I benefit. ;)

    1. All politicians are awful, except for mine.