Saturday, November 10, 2012

Republicans Are Racist Losers

It seems that one of the reasons the republicans lost is because the Hispanics voted for democrats.  Apparently both the blacks and Hispanics want more" free" stuff (that's free for them and paid for by those of us with productive jobs).

The [loser] republicans will need to get more of the hispanic vote if they expect to win in the future.

This sounds a lot like racism to me.  I had a debate with my college dorm neighbor, who was black (and probably still is), about different laws for different skin tones.  I say if we want to be treated the same, then we should be treated the same way.  He said, different races need different rules to make up for our cultural problems.

Which of us is racist? Why its me of course! (You see I'm white, therefore I'm racist.)

Never mind that I'd be perfectly happy to vote for a half black/ half Hispanic woman.  (Who do we remember that fits that description?)

(Google images is waaayyy better than images, fyi.)

And I'd vote for a half black/ half hispanic woman even if she didn't look like Miss Dash, and was a lesbian, just so long as she favored lowered spending and more freedom and liberty.

But it seems that the republicans will need to become more racist if they hope to win.

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