Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dear 2012 Obama Voters,

In 2008 many Americans wanted to vote for the first (half) black president.  You thought that you were voting for a guy who was going to end partisanship and heal our racial issues.  He promised "hope and change."  He was awarded a Nobel Peace prize.  He promised to end our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He promised to close Guantanamo Bay.  He promised to tax the rich.  He promised to create green jobs.  He promised to support gay rights.  He promised to be transparent.

How has any of this worked out?

His only accomplishments, as far as I can tell, are: 1. ACA 2. said "okay" when Navy SEALS went to kill Osama bin Laden.

Can you name even one other accomplishment from this administration?

If I were a one issue voter, then my issue would be to have a balanced budget.  President Obama has not signed any budget into law during his term in office, let alone a balanced one.

He never even attempted to pass a balanced budget.  Even his proposed unbalanced budgets have had great difficulty in even getting one vote from his own party in the senate.

How good is your own life going if your income is less than you spend?  Why would it be any different for the government?

I could understand how you could ignore that issue (not really), if this president had been a champion of your other causes.  But he hasn't been.  We are still very involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.   He support of gays has been tepid at best.  His support of green energy has resulted in losing billions in subsidies to companies who have gone bankrupt.

What has he done that would cause you to support him, again?

I voted for Sarah Palin (and that other guy) in 2008, and W in 2004.  But I will not vote for another prospective president if I do not think that he is even capable of balancing the budget.  I won't vote for Mitt Romney.

I've changed my position, reconsider yours.  If the people you elect do not do what you want them to do, then stop voting for them.



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