Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who says, "women can't have it all"?

One of the best posts on gender relations that I have seen can be found at The Woman and the Dragon.

Going Galt is not a terrible idea.
We told you we just wanted equality, an equal opportunity to live our own lives the way we saw fit without interference.  You believed it and lent a helping hand in tearing society to pieces.


We don’t just want equality, we want complete domination.  

We could start anywhere, but let’s start with the Supreme Court; we won’t stop fighting you until women fill every seat.

We don’t just want to serve in the military.  We want you to call us combat soldiers, even though we suck at it and will further endanger your lives in the event of an actual war.  We want to humiliate men in the military until every last one of them goes home with his tail between his legs.

We don’t want a fair shot at climbing the corporate ladder.  We demand to fill exactly 50% of CEO positions even if we aren’t competent or even willing to do so.  No, that doesn’t make any sense, but we aren’t interested in making sense.  We are interested in total compliance by you.

We want to slut around while we’re hot enough to attract alphas.  The other 80% of men who aren’t gettin’ any in their twenties – look at me when I’m talking to you! – you have a job to do.  You need to be busting your butt to climb that career ladder because someday we’ll be 36 and need you to fertilize our two remaining good eggs and pay for a nice house for us to raise *our* (not *your*) children in.


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