Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Republican's Hispanic Issue

Hispanics usually come to America with a strong Catholic faith.  They are pro-life, opposed to gay marriage, want strong families.  They support traditional gender roles.  They work hard.  They work hard, even in jobs we supposedly won't take.  They are also probably opposed to having their wealth confiscated when they become successful.

This describes the republican party's platform beautifully.  And apparently, the republicans have more Hispanic politicians than do the democrats.

And yet more than 70% of Hispanics voted for democrats.  Is that because they all support amnesty of illegal immigrants?  Or is it because all the media portrays republicans as people who hate minorities, don't care about the poor and are all-around awful?

I suspect it is the latter.  Why would strong Catholics vote for a party that is "pro-choice", pro-gay marriage, and doesn't support traditional family roles unless they think the alternative is people who are worse?

Rather than changing their party platform, I think that the republicans should focus on getting their message out to Hispanics better if they want to win their votes in the future.


  1. Its because the republicans are constantly demagogued by the left, and for decades they were afraid to fight back for fear of being called racists. I am hispanic myself and I do not completly understand how any LEGAL hispanic could vote dem, but thats me.

  2. I suspect there is also a native expectation factor. I have a second-generation friend who is all about limiting government interference, but his dad, given desires inculcated in Mexico, is more concerned with a government that "does something" than cultural issues.

    1. I always wonder why so many people prefer that the government do something even though something always means make things worse.

      More gridlock please.