Friday, November 30, 2012

Cream of the Crop

I've been reading a few things in about men only wanting a certain percentage of women and women only wanting a certain percentage of men.

Consecutive comments to this post:

I also suspect that many of these women have very inflated perceptions of their own value and the kind of man they “deserve.” Unfortunately, there’s only so many guitar-playing hedge fund managers and hunky ex-con bikers with tattoos and a trust fund to go around.


Plenty of men would love to be married, but not to a “modern” woman. If they could only find a woman who held herself to a higher moral standard, and could be trusted over the long haul. But as we are constantly reminded, that society went away with our great-grandparents.
It is true that I'd like a women who looks like a model and women want guys who are independently wealthy, etc.

Our society is not in a good position if we all want something that does not exist in numbers sufficient to meet our needs.

Economics is the study of scarce resources, which have alternative uses.

I find it interesting how women think about these issues in the social sciences, like psychology, and more men use economics to ponder these issues.

Lots of behavior can be determined by knowledge of our sexual market value.  Many have written about it before, and I won't repeat it here.

Dr. Helen's post reflects the price fluctuations in the sexual marketplace.  Fewer chaste, thin, women leads to fewer men wanting to marry.

Our societal trend-line has not been looking good for decades.  Captain Capitalism may be right: "Enjoy the decline."

Its not all bad news for us guys.  Apparently the rest of the world is not yet in our societal decline. "Game as you know it is really a Western invention for use on women who no longer use biology or the pursuit of happiness to select mates. World game is nothing more than being a good man who isn’t a pushover."

Feminism, or women's suffrage, or western culture seems to have screwed up our society rather well.

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