Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Gridlock Please

from Wendy McElroy's column In Praise of Gridlock:
I want gridlock. If the House of Representatives and the Senate both go Republican, as I expect they will, then the best chance for political paralysis may be a hostile Democrat in the White House. I want an angry Congress and a president with fingers itching to veto.

Ironically, a second-term presidency for Obama could well be America’s shining hope for fewer laws in the next four years. And less law is a situation to be devoutly desired, especially since it would come with a weakened presidency.

Political gridlock is a safeguard of freedom, and a constitutional restraint that the Founding Fathers consciously tried to place on power.
I also like political gridlock.  Every time the government tries to help, things get worse.

In an ideal world our politicians would not bother with things like weather or not baseball players took steroids.  Every minute spent on baseball is a minute not trying to fix the economy.

Lots of people don't like how much our President plays golf.  Every minute he spends playing golf is a minute he is not spending doing his job.  I'll buy your next round Mr. President.

I wonder if William Henry Harrison wasn't our best president.  Remember him?  He gave his acceptance speech in the cold and he got sick and died a month later.  He accomplished nothing at all; almost perfect, had he signed a balanced budget into law he would have been the best possible president.

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