Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Not Voting

I've voted in every election that I've been legally able to, that's since 2004.  That includes spring elections and the WI governor's recall.

I've been debating, with myself, about what to do voting wise.

Not vote - I can claim no responsibility for participating in the elections of people who will only make our lives worse

Vote for Romney - Obama is truly an awful president, so let's vote for the other guy

Vote for Obama - why settle for the lesser of two evils? America is on a decline, let's bring about the end sooner

Vote for Gary Johnson - he's the best candidate to run for president (with a party's nomination) since I've been voting

But it turns out that there are great big deer where I deer hunt, and I'd rather miss voting and hunt for a few more hours (my hunting location and voting location are 2 hours apart), then vote and miss deer hunting for any amount of time.

Count me among the non-voters.

sitting in the cold > voting

More Gridlock Please.

Update: That's what I planned on doing.  But after hunting Monday night I hit a buck...with a truck.  Due to my incapacitated truck, I'll miss some hunting and give Gary Johnson one more vote.  And that's despite this, which I considered.

Then again...
On the other hand, since I (as a voluntaryist) don't accept the legitimacy of (nor even the need for) government to begin with, I have every right to complain about this inefficient, corrupt monopoly forcing itself on my personal being when I don't even want the services that it provides.

Alright, I'm convinced not to vote.

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