Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Old White Guys

We've heard a lot about how the republicans need to become more attractive to win the votes of minorities.

They claim that they have more Hispanic congressmen than the democrats do.  They claim that their convention was filled with accomplished minorities.  They claim that the catholic hispanics and baptist blacks have the same social ideas as do the republicans.

And yet minorities vote overwhelmingly for the democrats.

The republicans seem to all be old white guys, despite all of their efforts to contact minorities.  The republicans need to do a better job of appealing the those minorities we hear.  They should take a softer stand on many issues we're told.

And yet I remember in 2004 that stem cell research was an issue.  George Bush was perceived to be against stem cell research that might (it hasn't) save people with terrible illnesses.  His actual policy was to limit the government funding for it.  So of course, the democrats and media claimed that he wanted to ban all stem cell research.  "How could he be so heartless," they wondered.

His actual policy included government funding and yet we were all told, and believed, that he was opposed to stem cell research.

That is what the media did eight years ago.  Republicans now want to moderate on the issues when the democrats and media will get most of the public to believe that whatever the republicans want to do is heartless, awful, and they hate minorities... regardless of the truth.

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