Monday, November 19, 2012

Hey, Obama Voters...

...I didn't vote for Romney despite my intense dislike of Obama.

You say you use "facts and stats" to back up the policies that you support.  I suggest that we try a simple experiment.

Pick a number.  Pick a number that you think would be a good rate of unemployment after eight years of Obama as president.

In 2016 Obama will have been president for eight years.  What would be a good unemployment number after eight years?

Pick that number, remember it, then in 2016 let's see if your "facts and stats" line up with reality.

Note that a 6.5% unemployment rate was awful under President Bush.  Every year since Obama was elected has had a higher rate of unemployment that that.

I suggest that you could claim an unemployment rate of 5-6% in 2016 as some sort of accomplishment for Obama.  (Even though that would be eight years of an unemployment rate that you would have called horrendous with a republican as president.)

Pick your number and look at where we are in four years, if we are no better off...then stop voting for democrats.

One last point: Don't complain about republican obstructionism.  For the foreseeable future our politicians will be about half and half democrat and republican, deal with it.  In any case were there not obstructing democrats in congress when George Bush was president?

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