Friday, November 16, 2012


The Ford Motor Company was named after it founder Henry Ford.

Dodge was named after its founders the Dodge brothers.

Rolls-Royce was named after businessman Rolls and engine builder Royce.

Mercedes Benz was named after Mr. Mercedes and Mr. Benz.

Ferrari was named after Enzo Ferrari.

Toyota was named after Toyota-san.

Honda was named after Honda-san.

And Volkswagen should be named after?

So, the problem with Hitlermobiles is that their parts fall off.  I've heard from my cousin's boyfriend, who runs an auto parts store, that the '99-'05 Hitlermobiles, in particular, are known for their parts just falling off.  My sister's and aunts Hitlermobiles have this problem, among others.

Bottom line: don't buy a Hitlermoblie, they are made more to be trendy rather than reliable means of transportation.  If you want to buy a stylish car, then buy an Alfa Romeo, which will be much more stylish and much less reliable.

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