Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My No-Vote Decision

I spent the last few days debating who to vote for if at all. 

How stupid is it to be an undecided voter, after all of the debates, ads, etc?

If I were voting:

Romney would be marginally better than Obama (maybe) < Obama would bring about our country's collapse faster (let's get it over with) < Gary Johnson is flawed but the best guy I would have ever seen on a non-primary ballot

What finally made up my mind was the argument that if I voted, even for Gary Johnson, I would be saying that I am willing to accept the outcome of this election.  And I support the process.

I would rather have no part in it.  For the next four years I will claim that the government does not speak for me or have my support, except for what it forcefully extracts in taxes.

I don't like the government.  I want no part in its services. Not even the roads & highways; they should be privatized.  I want no responsibility for what it does.

Make it go away.

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