Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Huffington Post Comments, 10/30/2012

In the past I've gotten 30 responses to one comment that I left at the Huffington Post.  I usually only need to leave about a half dozen in order get all of the responses that I post here.

Yesterday I left 8-10 comments and, for the first time ever, did not receive a single response.  And because of the way all of the posts get rearranged I don't even know if my comments were posted.  My comments are almost always held in moderation for a few hours before being posted.  I wonder if a moderator was not a fan of my work.

One thing that I noticed was that I went from having 9 "fans" to 11 today.  Interesting.

I shall try again.

Update: After posting a few more comments I got zero responses, but two more "fans." I'll try again on Monday; there are still deer to be shot until then.

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