Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Chinese Guy Comes Close to the Truth

Read this and appreciate how close he comes to the red pill, while maintaining the blue one.

He starts by almost getting at the truth, but hold on to the baloney later.

I just came back from abroad, and I keep hearing my Chinese male compatriots in China say our Chinese girls are relatively materialistic, practical [vs. idealistic], and gold-digging, that its impossible for men without an apartment/house to get married, that one can’t find a girlfriend if they don’t spend money, that its easy to be dumped just for failing to give gifts to one’s girlfriend every holiday etc. etc. etc.

But frankly speaking, I have no serious objections to this, because I think actually all women throughout the world are materialistic. After all, who doesn’t like rich and capable men? American women are the same, European women are the same, they all favor rich men, and it’s always easy for generous men to find girlfriends.

But what left me flabbergasted was that I also know a lot of laowai who are fooling around in China and they tell me China has a lot of “free girls” who don’t want any money and only want to go to bed with them, who want to marry laowai even if it means paying instead of getting money [to the foreigner], and who will take even the poor, the old, the fat, the disabled, as long as they’re laowai.

For laowai in China, the success rate for getting girls is around 50-100 times higher than those of local men, and the women that our compatriots can spend thousands or tens of thousands on but can’t get laowai can get with just a cup of coffee. Many of male compatriots are extremely angry over this, so let me share the ways laowai pick up girls and the reasons they succeed easily. You guys should also find your own shortcomings, and not just blindly complain.

Want to know how to get rich?  Copy and paste, and arrange, various posts from Roosh and Heartsie turn it into a book and go to China and sell it.  You could probably work out a deal with those two for their info.

The Chinese have limited internet access and the guys would probably kill to know what game is.

Someone who wants to publish and print a pile of that book could certainly sell them in China, if he knew how.

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