Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Global Warming is Stupid

Apparently their are still people who believe in global warming.

Eugene Robinson:
All right, now can we talk about climate change? After a year when the lower 48 states suffered the warmest temperatures, and the second-craziest weather, since record-keeping began?

Apparently not. The climate-change denialists — especially those who manipulate the data in transparently bogus ways to claim that warming has halted or even reversed course — have been silent, as one might expect. Sensible people accept the fact of warming, but many doubt that our dysfunctional political system can respond in any meaningful way.

The thing is, though, that climate change has already put itself on the agenda — not the cause, but the effects. We’re dealing with human-induced warming of the atmosphere. It’s just that we’re doing so in a manner that is reactive, expensive and ultimately ineffectual. 
How stupid are you if you believe in global warming?

Keoni Galt looked at the long term numbers for earth temperature. 

You see, the earth's temperature cycles.  The earth's temperatures go up and down.  Just like temperatures go up and down during the different seasons of the year, and just like when it is warmer during the day and cooler at night.

I've never believed in global warming.  (Oh wait, I totally believe it! Donate today!)

One reason why I've always thought that the argument is stupid is because the people who believe in it say that the size of the earth's glaciers is melting.  (What is the correct amount of glaciers? If glaciers do, or do not, cover all of Greenland, how will that affect me? hint: I don't live in Greenland.)

The problem I've always had with the glaciers argument, other than the cyclical nature of nature, is that where I am right now was covered by a glacier thousands of years ago.  And it receded thousands of years ago.  Long before my car contributed to the earth's temperature.

Approx 18,000 years ago:


Glaciers today:

The glacier that covered half of north America, and northern Europe, receded long before any people had any impact on anything.

And yet we are supposed to believe that man made global warming caused glacier levels to move this much:

Why it must have moved a few hundred feet! I believe in man made global warming now! 

Glaciers recede thousands of miles = before people affected the weather

Glaciers recede a few feet = all people's fault!!!!

Are you keeping up?

How much would you care to bet that the two pictures in the last image were taken with one in the summer and one in the winter?

I know we can't stop global warming by having everyone open our refrigerators at once, but shouldn't we at least try?

In conclusion: I believe in global warming.  It happens every spring.

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