Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its All Bush's Fault!

(I know that this would have been timed better if it was posted before the election.)

When the economy is discussed in a political way we often hear from the left that our economy is a mess because "it is George Bush's fault."  I take issue with that argument when it is used alongside the argument that our economy has not improved because of "the Republican's obstructionism."

Those two argument contradict each other; let me explain:

If the economy's health is determined by who the president is, then you cannot claim that Obama is not at fault.

1. If our economy is bad because George Bush was a bad president, then we should also say that our economy has not improved because Obama is a bad president.

This is a logical and consistent argument to make.

If our economy has not improved because the republicans obstruct what the president wants to do, then why shouldn't we also take not that the democrats obstructed what the last president wanted to do?

2. If our economy is still bad because of republican obstruction, then it became bad because of democrat obstruction.

This is also a logical and consistent argument to make.

Never mind which side's economic plan is better, taking the first halves of the above two points is missing half of each argument.

You cannot blame the last president for our economic woes, and then ignore the fact that our economy has not improved with our current president.  You cannot blame our economic woes on republican obstructionism, without also blaming democratic obstruction for getting us into this situation.

I can appreciate that democrats think that the country would be better off if they git all of what they want.  But the republicans think the same thing about their bills.  So if we're going to claim that one side is at fault, shouldn't we at least give both sides the courtesy of comparing political accomplishments the same way for both parties?  If the president is responsible for the economy, then the president is responsible no matter his party.  If we want to blame obstruction in congress, then shouldn't we blame it consistently no matter which party controls congress?

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  1. Our economy has improved. Were you alive in 2008? Bin laden is dead and we haven't been attacked as we were under Bush's watch.