Friday, January 18, 2013

Gays: More of an Ideological Fringe than the NRA

Many on the left claim that the NRA represents " an ideological fringe."

Just so that we're clear, a "fringe" means a small extreme number of people, right?

According to the Huffington Post: there are 4.2 million NRA members in America.  (That does not include millions of gun owning Americans who are not NRA members)

According to the same website: there are 4 million gays in America.  (That does not include...?)

The NRA wants to maintain or reduce our gun laws; how radical is it to keep laws the same as they were for the first hundred years of our country's history?

Gays want to change what "marriage" has meant for thousands of years; is that not more radical?

If we are going to criticize a group of people because of how small and extreme they are, then shouldn't liberals spend their time opposing gays instead of opposing the NRA?

4 million gays < 4.2 million NRA members

Hey liberals! Gays are more of an "ideological fringe" than the NRA is! 

Keep that in mind next time you attempt to belittle gun owners.

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