Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Buying a Wife

Chinese Man Spends 35K For ‘Obedient’ Vietnamese Wife


Inviting the prospective marriage partner to go have coffee, 20,000 Vietnamese Dong; Taking a taxi, 100,000 Vietnamese Dong;  The first time visiting the girl’s family, 200,000 Vietnamese Dong worth of fruits; A seafood feast, 300,000 Vietnamese Dong…you need to first be clear that 1 yuan RMB is 2700 Vietnamese Dong. Which is also to say, in Vietnam, two people having coffee is only 7 yuan, and the gift given while visiting the girl’s family for the first time can be done within 100 yuan!

Like Old Dai, every person who has gone to Vietnam must remind themselves, “I am moneybags, I am moneybags. [I just have higher purchasing power]” Due to the underdevelopment of their economy, many local girls have formed the idea of marrying foreigners. “Remember, [to them] we are foreigners.” The partner Old Dai ultimately chose is called “A-yin”, and all three sisters have married into China. “One older sister married to Hong Kong, one older sister married to Taiwan, and the father-in-law’s family can be said to have a lot of face amongst the locals.”

As for how good Old Dai’s wife is, netizens have already described her as “best quality goods”. “Not greedy, not lazy, not too open, not arrogant, not money-worshiping, is young, pretty, hard-working, kind-hearted, and key is obedient.” This remarried man registered marriage in Vietnam last winter, and today his Vietnamese wife A-yin is already living with him in Nanjing. Aside from doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning, Old Dai’s wife will at most go visit him at the office and learn dance from the dance class teacher while practicing Chinese.

The high quality life of having a “Vietnamese wife”

In addition to considering house and career, one must also consider their family’s circumstances. What looks like not unreasonable circumstances, makes 28-year-old Mr. Hong very depressed. Originating from the rural countryside of Subei, he has no house or car, but every day he gets a call from his father and no matter how the conversation begins, it always concludes on “quickly find a marriage partner”. Young Hong is indeed worried, because within the country, he is a bit “powerless” on the matter of finding a bride. Not long ago, he saw a person’s post on a Xici discussion forum, relating his experience of “finding a wife” in Vietnam.

35,000 yuan, 15 days, the poster Old Dai had selected one out of over 40 Vietnamese girls to bring home to be his wife. The poster had gone to Vietnam alone, and after publishing a personals’ advertisement in the newspaper, had attracted one local girl after another for “interviews”. “There were several that were truly really beautiful, who even on the big streets of Nanjing would “not be drowned out in the crowd” [would stand out]. This was how netizens evaluated the Vietnamese girls in Old Dai’s post. 

Accustomed to going to 1912 [an upscale shopping area in Nanjing] every day, Old Dai himself was unable to explain just what he was busying himself with. But at the end of last year, due to a series of 47 posts of both photographs and text, him and his realistic “Vietnamese marriage partner journal” together became famous. “If we want to talk about Vietnamese girls’ most positive attribute, it would be their consideration.” 

Careful/observant netizens discovered, during the process of finding a marriage partner in Vietnam, every girl who had eaten with Old Day had first filled his bowl with rice, peeled the shell off the shrimp, put the meat in his bowl, and waited for Old Dai to begin eating before being willing to pick up their own chopsticks. Facing this kind of scene, netizens were “shocked”. “In the past, there were only rumors, but we never though that Vietnam is really like this!” “This kind of thing we have encountered before, except in reverse, with us serving our wives…”

China Smack found thanks to the Expat Chronicles

It could be a better, although more expensive, than this.

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