Monday, January 21, 2013

Anti-Gun Politicans Making Money From Guns

Last Saturday I wondered if the anti-gun politicians and gun manufacturers were teaming up to make money.

There's a story at National Review about the money being made by anti-gun politicians thanks to gun manufactures.  The evidence that they show is weak in regards to showing that there is deliberate collusion, because the anti-gun politicians simply own index and mutual funds that invest in lots companies, and some just happen to be gun manufacturers.

But anti-gun manufacturers are making money because of their opposition to guns.  And gun manufacturers are also making money because of the anti-gun politicans.

One more point to note: many politicians have their money in index and mutual funds.  They should know more about the economy then us regular peasants, because they make the market's rules, and yet they still invest.  Perhaps this is evidence that our economy won't be doomed in the very near future.  (I mean if you have a job.)

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