Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just a thought...

This is an odd idea.  And I'm not saying that I believe it.  But I haven't heard it anywhere.  And its a novel thought.

A lot of people have been buying a lot of guns recently because we fear pending gun control.  Is it possible that the gun manufacturers have a hand in encouraging a possible gun control to drive sales?

I'm skeptical of the idea, but there is an awful lot of crony capitalism in every other industry, why not here?

The possible gun control has driven up the gun prices, gun part prices, and the stock prices of the publicly traded gun manufacturers.  A lot of money has been made.

I don't like being this skeptical of every thing and everybody.


  1. That thought isn't too out-there for credence. Large corporations are frequently involved in backing regulation on their own industry - it keeps small businesses from getting big and competitive enough to challenge them.

    Plus, a few months back there was a an article floating around liberal circles and Facebook (can't seem to find it now, my google-fu is weak). That article mentioned that Obama's policies on birth control, and democratic policies on welfare and child support in general, lead to fewer abortions - therefore, we should vote for pro-choice candidates because there will be fewer abortions. I'm doing the logic more justice than it deserves; the article was long and had a few internal contradictions, but this is the meat of it.

    Either way, by that same logic, liberals should vote for pro-gun politicians because there aren't any bank runs on the gun stores except when gun owners think there might be a new law. My local funstore even has a picture of Obama that is titled, "Salesman of the year." Wouldn't surprise me if the gun lobby was playing things for more publicity (and more sales) rather than just shutting down the debate like it deserves.

    1. Just because we like the gun industry doesn't men that we shouldn't watch out for government involvement like this.