Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I just read Same Career - A World Apart and thought that I should lay out my career/ life goals. 

Found and run a small business.  I'd like to open a store that sells all of the things necessary to create and maintain food plots.  (Food plots are a big trend in deer hunting, which are the creation of large gardens, or small fields, of clover, corn, soybeans, turnips, etc. which are grown for deer to eat.  More food = more deer.  More varied food = bigger deer.)  I have a business plan, which I realized was useless once I had nearly completed it.  It needs to be running for a while before and bank will give me a loan, not that they would anyway. Thanks for the economy, president Obama!

I don't mind if you see my idea and open the same store.  I'll happily shop at yours.  I want this store to exist even if I'm not the owner.

Write a book on the basics of deer hunting.  Roosh keeps laying out the book advice, and with my small readership, which hardly matches the intended audience of deer hunters, I don't expect a fraction of his success, but I need to start somewhere.

Build furniture.  I've always liked building things.  My grandpa recently died and left me all sorts of woodworking tools.  The stain on the first project that I have built entirely myself is drying as I type this.  I'll try and sell my next piece, if its worth selling.  If I ever buy a house, then I'll want to build all of my own furniture.

My travel goals.  Traveling is fun and all, and there is some that I'd like to do.  I'd like to go back to Hong Kong.  I can't read what Naughty Nomad has written about The Philippines and not want to go there.  There are a handful of other places that I wouldn't mind seeing too.

Deer hunting here in central Wisconsin will probably always be a priority for me.

Reading will always be something that I do.  Most of the books in my "books" page have been read since I started this blog 6.5 months ago.

My "shoot for the moon" lifetime goal is to shoot an African elephant.  This is easily done, but it will cost several tens of thousands of dollars.

The deal with all of these is that I wish that I had started earlier.


  1. Nice man.

    I suspect that even if the book doesn't get much traction due to it being such a select niche group of readers - that it will really help you focus on how to start up the business. Plus it's something you could show potential investors.

    I'm glad my post could help you write these out. I found it helps as a stepping stone.

    Oh, and if you need a revamped reading list, I just was referencing mine in an email conversation I'm having with my old church pastor back in colorado. There's the good list in the post itself a great list of classics in the comments as well.

  2. Replies
    1. I might send you a free one in exchange for a review. Its still a long ways out yet.