Thursday, January 31, 2013

Huffington Post Comments, 1/31/2013

I am awaiting some replies, but in the meantime take note of the following comments to this article.

The following are parts of some comments:

The Mask
If Bush had been treated as badly by the left as Obama has been by the right, you can rest assured that martial law would have been declared by 2002 for all America because "you're either for us or against us"
We didn't go after Bush personally, we went after his policies.
Two comments earlier:

The only sixty books Bush might have read, would have been picture books. The man is a dolt.
Three comments after Michmod:

BJW Nashe
Bush read over sixty books in 2006? I didn't know Dr. Seuss wrote that many...  
How do they write this stuff and keep a straight face?

"We didn't go after Bush personally..." ==> "The man is a dolt."

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