Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No guns for you, but plenty for me.

A good video, fount thanks to Rachel Lucas, about an fake anti-gun group trying to get anti-gun media to put "gun free zone signs in their yard.

Rachel's comments:
If you can’t watch, here’s the short version: the Project Veritas crew went to the homes of journalists (some from that New York paper that published the names and addresses of all the legal gun owners in the area), and also to the home of the well-known race-baiter Tourè from MSNBC, and also to the home of Attorney General Eric Holder – all addresses which are publicly available, by the way – and announced themselves as activists for a [fake] group called “Citizens Against Senseless Violence”. Most of the houses said that indeed guns are icky, and then the Project Veritas crew would ask if the homeowners would be willing to put a sign in their yard that says the home is “proudly gun-free”.

It’s comedy gold. Watch the whole thing if you can. Especially the bit with Tourè, whose vocabulary quickly devolves to “uh” and “uh”, with some “uhhhhhh” thrown in because he is smarter than you and because you are a racist.

Also at the end – oh my god I actually laughed out loud – one anti-gun resident says, “I got a nasty note from one of my most progressive friends, who says…because I wrote a column for stricter gun laws…he said, ‘You’re a fool because when the right wing takes over the government, we’re gonna need guns.’”

Hahaha! Goddamn, that’s rich.

See, you only need to worry about arming the people against potential tyranny when your vewy own pwecious pwogwessive boyfriend isn’t pwesident.

Otherwise, nothing to worry about, plebes. You think you need guns now and always? Silly paranoid peasant, you forget your place. His Majesty Barack has only your best interests in mind.

Sadly, none of the homeowners in the video wanted a sign proudly marking their morally-superior property as a gun-free zone.

I sure do wonder why. What are they afraid of? Haven’t they been watching the news and learning that gun-free zones are the only safe places in America? Don’t they care about The Children? How many more have to die?

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  1. I loved the part were the guard said the people he was protecting just wanted it to go away. Kind of hard to have sympathy for them when they outed people whose only mistake was running against their precious pc values.