Monday, January 28, 2013

Talking to the Left

Every so often I watch an interview with the author of nonfiction books on CSPAN's BookTV website. 

Before I comment on the book talk let me point out a few things as clearly as I can.
  1. The U.S. government's debt is over $16 trillion
  2. The annual budget deficit has been greater than $1 trillion every year since Obama was first elected (Table 1)
  3. We would need to double all taxes paid in order to balance the budget with revenue increases only
  4. Annual government spending on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid alone is more than the entire annual revenue of the government
    Obamacare will increase government spending
  5. We have not seen any budget signed into law in over three years
In light of these facts a section of the country formed the Tea Party to say, "let's stop the spending and balance the budget." 

What has happened since 2010, when Tea Party sympathetic congressmen were elected, is:
  • The new congressmen have tried to pass budgets
  • The new congressmen have tried to avoid raising the debt ceiling
  • The new congressmen have proposed changing Social Security
Since 2008 the president has:
Added a new entitlement
Not signed any budget into law
Opposed any spending cuts

What the president, and the left want is more spending and to tax the rich more.  What the republicans want is less spending and lower taxes for everyone.

The house republicans have prevented some of the democrats' legislative goals.  Just like the democrats have prevented some of the republicans' legislative goals.

Now that we've reviewed all of this, let's look at the book in question.

The republicans try to reduce spending and the democrats increase spending.

Guess which of the following the author does:
  1. Accepts that the opposing power will oppose, and proposed a balanced bill idea
  2. Complains that the opposition party is opposing the democratic goals, while claiming that the republicans prefer no new laws is bad when the democrats have clearly presented plans to tax the rich and increase spending
The republicans, at least claim, to want to balance the budget, and the democrats are doing everything in their power to bankrupt us as fast as possible.  And then the democrats continually complain that the republicans don't go along with their ideas to do the exact opposite of what the republicans want.

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