Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Anti-Gun Media Wins

Recently journalists Piers Morgan and David Gregory made the news about their being anti-gun.

Piers made the news because he shouted at guests on his show, ignored what they said and insulted them.  Why do you suppose that he suddenly became more of an a$$?
With his contract up for renewal this year, Morgan must have been itching for attention, maybe wishing for one of those nigh on unimpeachable “moral panics” of the sort that keep those British tabloids in business.

Well, he got more attention, didn't he?  Being an a$$ got him attention and publicity.  How many of you had heard of him before the petition to deport him?  How many of you have watched at least a clip from his show since then?

"No publicity is bad publicity."

I'd say he got what he wanted thanks to the stupid petition.  
(For the record: I'd prefer it if he was gone, but having the government deport people who we don't like is a bad idea.)

Anti-gun media: 1
Pro-gun people: 0

David Gregory made the news by breaking a law he was advocating the implementation of.  And now he has gotten away with it.  its not even in the news anymore.  Was he even investigated?

He broke the law and got away with it.  Have you any doubt that if you, or I, had done the same thing that we would be facing criminal charges?

Anti-gun media: 1
Pro-gun people: 0

Those are two wins for the anti-gun media.  Those of us who support guns shouldn't be letting these things happen.

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