Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Spending Should Be Cut

On Sunday I pointed out that federal government spending needs to be cut if we want a balanced budget. (We should.)  The only alternative for balancing the budget is to double the amount of all forms of government income.  Taxes would need to be doubled.

Since everyone wants to know what we should cut, I have some suggestions:

I would like the federal government to cut spending on everything everywhere.

Some notes:
  • We cannot just end government handouts tomorrow: Social Security, unemployment, food stamps, etc.  They need to be phased out.
  • The judicial system and armed forces are legitimate functions for the federal government, they should retain some spending.  Although their current funding levels should be cut.
So, we know spending needs to be cut, and therefore I have suggested where I would be happy to see things cut: everything.

If you propose cutting spending on any federal government program, then I like your suggestion.


  1. #1 Cut Foreign aid
    #2 END Congressional Pensions plus all benifits they get long after they are out of office. Like expenses to run an office. WTF?
    #3 EPA
    #4 Dept of Education.
    #5 ATF
    #6 TSA
    #7 Homeland security.
    #8 Withdrawl troops from Europe and asia, put them on the border.
    #9 Abolish the IRS. go to a flat tax
    #10 Prosecute and execute congress members who hide hidden pork in bills.
    #11 Sell off all federal properties that are not in current use.
    #12 Cut the size of the federal government in half, for a start. Except the military.
    #13 NO Presidential vacations. Go to camp David or pay for it yourself.
    Thats just at the top of my head for starters.

    1. While I favor cutting all that, and more, none of that matters in the least. We could cut all of that and it wouldn't even dent our budget deficit.

      I would have thought of a very similar list as you just did before I wrote my 8 AM post for Friday. But none of that matters at all, I found.

      If we want a balanced budget we need to double all taxes or dramatically cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment payments, and Obamacare.

      Anything is is trivial nothingness when it comes to the budget.

    2. I agree, the things I listed would help but not solve the problem. It would mean we would have to borrow less money perhaps. SS, medicare and all that will have to be reformed at some point, or it will be there for no one. I dod not blame people who have paid into it their whole lives being upset at talk of taking it away. People who have paid into their entire lives should get their money back. But at some point for younger generations something will have to change.

    3. That's exactly right except for the "at some point" should be now, if not sooner.