Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Term Plans

I read the following sentence in an article titles Deficit Dreams, and then quit reading it.

"America’s massive deficits and debt are terribly inconvenient for the Left."

If this is the case, then were are the liberal solutions to the debt and deficit?  Can you find one article that outlines what liberals' plan is, or what a liberal things the plan should be?

Liberal websites, where such an article might be found (if it exists):
Find me an article that outlines a democratic plan to balance the budget, or stop repeatedly claiming that the debt and deficit is something that the democrats are concerned about.  

(There are articles on those websites that criticize republican ideas about the deficit, but zero about democratic ideas.)

Liberals and democrats don't care about the debt and deficit.  Some, like Paul Krugman and Barack Obama, advocate making it bigger with more stimulus spending.  They are not in the least concerned with the debt and deficit.

I think that I understand why democratic politicians and some big businesses, who get rich while in Washington and lobbying in Washington, support no action to reduce the debt or deficit.   But to those of you average democratic voters, what do you think is going to happen in the long term with trillion dollar deficits and a debt that is over $16 trillion?  Can you explain how anything good is going to happen?  Do you think that trillion dollar deficits can continue forever?  You must support annual trillion dollar budget deficits (and no budget at all) because Obama was re-elected and the deficit has not been less than $1 trillion in any year that he has been president (highest budget deficit was around $400 billion under W). table 1

Would one of you explain your long term economic plan to me?  Because I don't understand how spending one and a half times federal revenue each year will turn out well.

One last question: who's going to care about the racial disposition of Obama's cabinet, or gay marriage, or abortion, or healthcare if the government goes bankrupt and nobody has a job?


I did find this article about Republican tax and budget ideas.  My favorite line:

"Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is flirting with a 2016 presidential run, recently proposed scrapping Louisiana’s income and corporate taxes."

Eliminating taxes?

Did I, or did I not, recently point out that Bobby Jindal and Scott Walker are my preferred 2016 Republican presidential candidates?

*Feel free to call me a racist because half of my preferred 2016 republican presidential nominees is a white guy.

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