Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best Books of the Year

I thought that I should take note of the best books that I read this year, and last year.  So I shall.

My two favorite books of 2012:

Dragon Hunter by Charles Gallenkamp

Its about Roy Chapman Andrews and his east Asian exploration, which included the discovery of the first dinosaur eggs.

Heart of Asia: True Tales of the Far East by Roy Chapman Andrews

Several accounts of Andrews' early exploration in east Asia.  Includes harpooning a whale, exploring parts of (now) North Korea where even the Koreans were afraid to see, and hunting a variety animals in Asia.

My two favorite Books of 2011:

Bang by Roosh V

About picking up girls.

Shogun: The Life of Tokugawa Ieyasu by A.L. Sadler & Stephan Turnbull

A biography of one of the greatest Japanese of all time.

Update: I forgot about Bourbon for Breakfast and It's A Jetson's World.  It seems that I spent so much time singing their praises that I forgot about them.

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