Thursday, January 31, 2013

If you want to get married...

...then it would seem that you should go get a foreigner.

from Roosh's Fourum (and brought to my attention thanks to a tweet by @realmattforney):
Can you imagine what sort of dude resorts to a mail order bride? While I don't think its the case for all of them, I think in 95% of cases you are dealing with highly introverted guys who have always been hopeless with women. They are probably middle income to upper middle income, middle aged to elderly and either cant land a date or have been raped in divorce court already and are throwing the towel in. I also think that a lot of them will punch way above their weight, trying to marry women far too young or incredibly good looking women while they have very little going for them looks wise. I also think that many don't understand the cultures of these women.

So here we have average looking guys with moderate incomes and no ability with women who are still able not only marry hotter women than they would get at home, they are younger, more feminine and traditional too.

The biggest farce of all? 80% of these arrangements are actually working according to statistics, while the rest of their countrymen will see 50% of their marriages end in divorce and family court rape

Now I know there are guys who marry foreign women that end up taking them to the cleaners. The thing is, these guys are being taken to the cleaners far less often than they would be if they married local chicks. And if they did take a chance on a local chick, she would be no where near what the foreign wife was in quality either.

I am also willing to bet that many of these "foreign women" who everyone tells horror stories about just so happen to be women who immigrated here when young or were sent to study in western universities and colleges, and after a few years in our indoctrination camps they come out the other end far more fucked up than when they went in. They are not a complete representation of foreign women because their exposure to our culture is far deeper than someone who moved and lived there for a long period of time.

And I can say, based on what I see with Australian men who are marrying foreign women in droves now, particularly Asian, that the divorce rates are far lower, despite major age differences between couples.
Read all of it and see if you're not convinced that marring a foreigner isn't the way to go.

An 80% success rate sounds a whole lot better than 50%.  Especially if the girl in question knows how to dress herself.

Comment from the article at Return of Kings:
Well even if it is a scam…at least you get a pretty girl with a good attitude in the scam.

In America it’s a scam too…but it’s with an overweight, slutty, you go grrl, independent woman.

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