Monday, February 4, 2013

A Huffington Post Commenter Responds to This Blog

Last September I had a series of comment exchanges with Rumzee, at the Huffington Post.  He has recently discovered my repeating of the comments to this blog and he did not like what he saw.  For the full recording of our exchanges, in chronological order, please look at my "Deer Hunting" page under "Debating An Anti-Hunter."

I believe that his complaint comes from the fact that I did not, at least, link to the preceding post of comments.  In the post that he is complaining about I should have linked to its predecessor, here it is.

Had you by following my blog in real time you would have gotten the whole story.  As it was I was three months into my first blog, and I made a mistake in not linking to the previous post so that it would make sense after the fact.

For the record: I have copied and pasted, without editing, all of the comments during my "Debates in the Comments."  If anyone questions the order, or content, of any of the comments posted here, then tell me which comment you specifically question and include your email.  I will then forward you the email notification I received letting me know that someone replied to one of my comments.  (A few of the email notifications that I received were sent to my 'spam' folder, I did not 'unspam' them, and they have since been deleted.)

Rumzee specifically commented on this post of mine.

His comment:
You have a lot of brass posting our discussion out of chronological order, assuming answers I would give to questions you never asked, and basically manipulating the discussion to make your points seem more than they actually were during our discussion. All that without my knowledge. You have proven yourself to be dishonest.

I was searching for a different Huffington Post comment I made a long while back and happened to come across your crapola here at this site.

My reply:
Thanks for stopping by.

The quotes are directly copied and pasted from the Huffington Post in the order that they occurred. I have not edited them in any way. Because our exchanges happened over the course of several days, they were copied here in different posts. The full listing of our comments is noted on my "Deer Hunting" page, under "Debating Anti-Hunter."

If you question the order, or the editing, of any comments, then I will forward you the email notification I received for these comments.

If I have made an error in the order, then I do apologize. Please let me know which ones specifically are out of order and I shall make any corrections and issue an apology.

It is truly astonishing how often those of you on the left resort to name calling and insults.

Your comment could have been along the lines of: "The comment beginning with ... occurred at time x not time y."

How have I proven myself to be dishonest? You have not given any evidence to support this claim of yours.

If you tell me specifically where my error was, then I will look up the comment dates and times.
Once again we have a case of someone on the left using name calling and insults, rather than attempt an polite complaint.

We also, once again, have a statement "proven" to be true without any evidence.  You'll need to take his word for it that I misrepresented him at this blog.  But I am willing to give evidence to prove that I have not, if I am told where the specific problem is.

In future comments I shall include the date and time, as well as the specific article in question.

Rumzee, at least tell me where your specific complaint is.


One last note: Most of the spam comments on this blog are written by "anonymous."  I very nearly deleted Rumzee's comment here becasue of the "anonymous" author.

If you wish to comment here as "anonymous," then understand that your comment may get deleted accidentally.  It is not difficult to post under a name.  The name does not need to be your real name, it can be any name.  And you do not need to include your e-mail address either.

It is very easy to do this.  If you have difficulty, then click the following link, and read this post: How to Comment Using a Name (it has pictures and everything).

My thanks to Andrew for a very timely post.


  1. My guess is that the individual in question doesn't like the idea of his/her comments being disseminated on a blog. But that is the caveat emptor when using discussion forums or blogs, everything you write and say becomes a matter of record that can be used and analyzed. It's something I think about whenever I hit the publish/post/send button, am I willing to deal with whatever consequences may result?

    1. That could be.

      He claimed that I have wronged him, but he did not say how.

      I wonder if he'll respond to this.