Monday, February 18, 2013

Game in Old Movies

I recently re-watched the original version of Sabrina.  A few points about it are interesting in light of game.

The story is about the chauffeur's daughter and the two sons of the house.  The older son is hardworking, serious, and responsible.  The younger son is irresponsible, married repeatedly, and cannot hold a job.  Which son do you suppose that she lusts after?

He ignores her until she returns from a school in France with a new dress and haircut.  At this point he forgets most everything but her.  An she then decides that she prefers the older brother.

The hardworking guy seems to be boring and she ignores him.  She prefers the rascal who ignores her.  Once her rascal gives her all of his affections, she decides that she does not like him anymore.  She also seems to realize that the boring guy is better and runs away with him instead.  She decided that the guy who always did what he wanted was not so boring after all.

Watching old movies with knowledge of game makes them much more interesting.

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