Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Post on Chris Dorner

“If you drive a black truck or apparently any truck, you might want to put a 'Not Chris Dorner' sign on the back,” he said in a status update posted Thursday morning. 

Apparently an ex-cop has a grudge against the police and has killed a few cops.

Two trucks have also been shot up by the police because they were trucks and Chris has a truck.

Wirecutter points out that these cops "can't tell their collective asses from a hole in the ground."

I don't know if Chirs Dorner has a legitimate complaint against the police.

I do know that there are an awful lot of cases where cops shoot, or illegally detain, people and dogs. Eric has listed many of those stories in his "Hero Cop" series.


Hero Cop Suspended
Hero Cop Murders His Son …and Maybe Others, Too
Hero Cop kills naked freshman at University of South Alabama
Hero Cop Shoots Puppy to Death

This Chris Dorner story should show more of us that the police may be just as dangerous as criminals.  We should all take more care to protect ourselves.  Cops may, or may not be helpful.

Chris Dorner may be far away, but what makes you think that the cops that are near you are any better than those who are shooting up trucks just because their suspect has a truck?

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