Thursday, February 7, 2013

Political Quiz

The Economy 

Our budget can be balanced, with only tax increases, if we

(A) tax the rich.
(B) double all taxes paid by everyone.

If taxes are raised on the rich, then

(A) government revenue will increase.
(B)  the rich will leave, and the government's revenue will be lower.

If taxes are raised on businesses, then

(A) the rich will be made poorer.
(B)  the poor will be made poorer.

Our budget can be balanced

(A) without changing entitlements.
(B) only if we change entitlements.

Unemployment is high because

(A) the rich don't pay their fair share.
(B) businesses are taxed and regulated to the point where they are unable to expand or invest.

Which is more likely to balance a budget?

(A) taxing the rich
(B) cutting spending


Its good to criticize the cost of a political candidate's wife's wardrobe so long as the candidate is a:

(A) Republican
(B) Democrat

If taxes are raised on cigarettes, then

(A.) people will stop smoking.
(B.) more cigarettes will be bought out of state

Feminism has

(A) improved the lives of women.
(B) resulted in unhappy women who aren't getting married or having kids.

Women working is

(A) empowering.
(B) a bad idea.


Mass shooting occur 

(A) where guns are allowed.
(B) gun-free zones.

More people are murdered in states where

(A) gun control laws are loose.
(B) gun control laws are strict.

Gun control laws are

(A) sensible.
(B) nonsensical.

The NRA is ____ of an ideological fringe than gays and lesbians.

(A) more
(B) less

Banning things that we don't like

(A) eliminates them from our society.
(B) move the items into the Black Market, and makes criminals out of average people.


Global warming is

(A) caused by man's activities.
(B) explained by seasonal variations and the sun's activities.

The lack of minorities in Obama's second term cabinet is

(A) disappointing, shameful and an important issue to discuss.
(B.) irrelevant to anything.  Only their abilities to do the job should matter.

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