Monday, February 4, 2013

Will You Stay? Updated

Have you considered exactly how bad this country will get before you do something like move?

Will you stay if semi-automatic guns are banned?

Will you stay if 401ks are confiscated?

Will you stay if we continue to add thousands of new rules each year?

We should all consider the exact point at which we leave.

Update: I guess that I'm surprised at the commenters who say that they'll stay.  I understand why someone with a family would want to remain in her house and near her friends and family.  But I surprised that someone like Cogitans Iuvenis is as ready to stay as he is.

Staying will not be the easy path.  Economic pain is inevitable.  I cannot imagine how the financial end of the country, as we know it, will be anything, but very bad.

We should all do a better job of promoting the good things, and pointing outthe many flaws with what we are doing now.


  1. Most of us don't have a choice. We will stay, we will become outlaws by defaut, and we will fight for each other when "prosecuted."

  2. The question isn't will I stay, it would be, where could I go? There may be a few nations that would be better to go to than the US, in my opinion they are not any of the BRICs or major European countries, most of those nations will not take you.

    Sure if you are incredibly wealthy, or have a skill that is in demand, you could find youserlf in switzerland,singapore, or some other wealthy and well run nation. But the likeihood for any of us...not very good. And that assumes that some larger power doesn't decide to come beating down the door in the coming age of strife.

    I guess you could wander off to latin America, but once again that takes money. And latins aren't exactly friendly to Norte Americanos if they don't have money, or aren't blood related.

    So outside of disappearing in the vast American wilderness, I don't see many options left. I am with Suz, we need to stand our ground. Running does nothing, as the corruption will follow us, like it did from Europe. As much as I hate how much suffering this coming crisis will bring, it is an opportunity to sieze the reigns from our corrupt leaders and try to restore the republic. I won't lie, my study of history has made me less than optomistic, but we have no choice but to try.

  3. Will I stay or Will I stay a part of ?

    Two very different questions.

  4. By the time we are all ready to move, the US will be treated like a third world nation, Americans would need a Visa to enter. No Visa granted. I say stay and fight, we have no other choice.