Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm going to recommend a movie from 1958 with the idea that I doubt that too many people today have watched movies from the fifties.  Indiscreet stars Cary Grant, who did many romantic comedies that are actually watchable, unlike modern romantic comedies.  It also stars Ingrid Bergman who you would have seen in Casablanca.

I am recommending it because:
  • Its amusing to watch
  • The elements of Game are interesting
After a "jump break" I write about the plot and why it is interesting to those who study game.

The plot is:
  • Guy
  • Actress who wants to get married
You can guess the particulars on your own.

Once the movie is underway and they meet, the guy points out that he is married, before much happens.  She is upset about his marriage, but eventually decides to see him anyway.

They have an affair.

After a while the actress' brother-in-law discovers that the main guy is unmarried.  He then explains his reasons for telling women that he is married when he is not:
  • If he tells them that he's "not the marrying kind," then they'll take it as a challenge.
  • He has an exit whenever he wants.
  • He says that its honorable to tell the woman that he won't be marrying her before anything happens, she'll know that marriage is not an option before they begin
I find the movie to be amusing, and good to watch.

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