Friday, February 15, 2013

Nail Clippers

I realize that lots of people say that they don't pay much attention to guys younger than 30, or whatever, but one thing that I have figured out is to put nail clippers on your key-chain.

I don't know when the rest of you cut your fingernails, but I do it, approximately, whenever I think mine are too long.  Having nail clippers on my key-chain means that I can cut my nails whenever the mood strikes me.  And I can use the key-ring like the ring on a pair of scissors, its easier to clip with a ring rather than without one.

Nail clippers aren't good only for cutting fingernails and toenails.  I've used mine often to cut all sorts of things.  Sometimes you don't want to use your knife and you aren't allowed one in other places.  I once even used my nail clippers' file as a screwdriver to remove a license plate off of a truck, it was of of the two uses that I've ever found for that little stupid file.  The other is to punch holes in things.

Forget the bead chain, that is weak and will break.  Put the key-ring directly through the clippers.

For about $1 you can have a multipurpose tool* wherever you go.

*For the record: I really dislike multi-tools becasue they try to do lots of things badly and do nothing well.  I'd rather use a knife as my tweezers and screwdriver and whatever else, rather than one of those pieces of junk that makes you think that you have a tool when you really don't.

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