Friday, February 8, 2013

How to Fix the Country

My three step plan to fixing what is wrong with the world:

1. Convince women to return to being mothers

2. Balance the budget by radically changing entitlements

3. Remove as many rules and regulations as possible

Stop me if I am wrong.  Doing those three things would:

Returning women to their homes would:
  • Reduce unemployment
  • More women would turn into mothers
  • Children would spend more time with their parents
  • Women would be less likely to want to get divorced
  • Women would have more time to spend improving themselves
  • Women would have more time to "be creative"
  • Etc.
Balancing the budget by radically changing entitlements would:
  • Bring stability to the economy
  • Eventually, end the debt
  • Taxes could be lowered
  • No government default
  • Give entitlements a shot at existing long into the future (the goal for some)
  • Etc.
Removing rules and regulations would:
  • Free people to take chances and risks
  • Allow the market to work
  • More competition would exist
  • People wouldn't be jailed for trivialities
  • Etc.
Three ideas.  What wouldn't be better if these changes were made?  Fewer workers would even result in less traffic and less global warming (which is stupid regardless).  We would even see improvements in global warming.

Wouldn't it be great if any of these three things happened?


  1. I think #1 is a really bad idea. Shrinking the workforce participation rate never has a good impact on any economy.

    1. I agree that fewer people means less stuff is produced and the cost of labor goes up. However, it also means higher pay for workers.

    2. Then you must surely be in favor of raising the minimum wage?

    3. A decrease in the number of workers would mean that fewer workers are available for employers and the employers would be forced by need, not a stupid arbitrary law, to do more to encourage people to work for them.

      This post was meant to say that simple solutions: change entitlements, remove laws, and voluntary return to homes by women would improve our society and countries finances.

  2. Let me give you the lefts rebuttal...ahem.."your a racist"!

  3. @ Ryan Long:

    The workforce participation rate has been falling since 2008. Getting women out of the workforce would increase the number of jobs available to the men who are currently not participating in the workforce.

    You see what I did there?

    1. Yeah, lolz and since men make more than women then GDP would go up... wakka wakka...

      In fact, I think we're onto something. We should convince stupid people to drop out of the workforce so that they can be replaced by all the unemployed smart people.