Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Book, Update

I'm writing a book on deer hunting for new deer hunters.

Time in the Tree is the working title.  This title idea was inspired by the title of the book Time on the Water by Bill Gardner.

At one time I thought that my book might read like his, as a journal of the days.  But I am a terrible journal writer and I did not take very good notes through the last hunting season.  The few thoughts that I did record may be included, but they will not be a large part of the book.

It has been day after day of no writing followed by writing several thousand words in one sitting.  I relate this point because authors are often asked about when and how they write.

As of this post I have around 14,400 words written, in MS Word, through sixteen chapter ideas.  And I have not really gotten to the actual hunting part yet.

Before writing I looked up how many words should be in a book.  The result that I got was 60,000 words.  That is my goal, sort of.  My book may be 40,000 words or 100,000.  I would like it to cover all of the necessary parts with a little bit of background information.

I realize that many books get around 1/3 of their content trimmed before being published.  This is a good idea even if my book will be self published, not published by a professional publisher.  Trim the fat.

Fully, or partially, written chapters so far:

  1. Who? What? Why? When? Where? How?  
  2. About the whitetail deer
  3. Antlers, not horns
  4. Where, generally, to hunt for deer
  5. Alternatives to hunting your own private land
  6. Improving your hunting property, the not so fun part
  7. Improving your hunting property, the fun part
  8. Food plots
  9. How to make your food plots
  10. Methods of hunting whitetail deer (should me moved to after "Where, generally...")
  11. Stand locating
  12. Trail, or game, cameras
  13. Types of deer stands
  14. The ideal stand
  15. Treestand recommendations
  16. How to place your treestand  
These are the working titles for the chapters that have been roughly written or outlined so far.

This post was written with the idea that the process of writing a book c might be interesting itself.

If you have any suggestions, or comments, for my first book, then I will be happy to hear them.

My book is about learning to hunt deer.  Perhaps this blog will include learning how to write and self publish a book. 

(The book will be better proofread than the posts here.

Happy hunting. 


  1. Can't help with suggestions because I have no interest in hunting. However when you publish I will buy it, and I might even read it! ;) The chapter titles look interesting...

  2. I just got my first deer this past fall-Exciting? Fuck yeah. Delicious? OMGoodness. Frustrating? Of course. Worth it? You betcha!

  3. Great idea! I might be part of your target market -- my dad was an Expert marksman who did the vast majority of his shooting at the range rather than in the field, and he only took me hunting once (I was young, so it was more like "go and spend the day in the woods eating canned food with dad" than "go hunting with dad"). I have small children, and would like them to grow up with an appreciation and respect for both firearms and the food supply, but it is quite difficult to get started if you haven't grown up around it and don't have friends who hunt. So I'd be interested in reading excerpts if you feel like posting some, and will certainly buy a copy when you're done.

    1. You sound exactly like my targeted reader. I shall post a chapter, or two, in the future on my hunting blog.

      Do let me know if you have any specific questions that you would like answered.

  4. I recommend something like Appleseed to develop reasonable marksmanship skills before going after any game. You want to take down your prey quickly and with a minimum of suffering.