Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why do you watch the news?

A democratic senator has been accused of enjoying the company of underage prostitutes.  Is the media covering that story or talking about how much water was drunk by a republican senator?

Americans were killed in September last year.  How often was that mentioned by the media?

Hundreds have been killed thanks to Fast & Furious.  How often has that been in the news?

With the obvious political bias of the media, and the ability to call things like Rathergate, "false but accurate," what makes you think that we are getting all the news there is?

There could be a concentration camp in this country.  Maybe if there is we will hear about it, maybe we won't.  Do you think that the media would report anything of the sort if it had a direct link to our President?

If our President shot a republican, would the media claim that the president should be removed from office, or would they claim that the republican had it coming?

It is more fun to get your news through twitter in any case.


  1. I don't. I haven't had a TV for over a decade now, and don't miss it. I do listen to NPR to get the "other" side of the news (i.e., "know thy enemy.")
    Mostly I check news aggregator websites, various econ, military & news commentary websites, and so on. I'd read lib websites ("kte" see above) but they drive me crazy, they're so inane.
    Oh, and I also read the WSJ daily, front to back, even though it's gone downhill since Murdoch took it over. It's still got the best op/ed pages in media, I think.

    1. Your news acquisition does seem to be better than the traditional method.

    2. Drawback: it's time consuming. which is ok by me, as I have access at work and am able to fit it in, in between, y'know, actually working (like now!)
      I used to really like listening to Fox Talk Radio on SiriusXM during my morning commute, but SiriusXM dropped that channel in January. Big loss. The Fox News Channel isn't any better than the network/CNN TV news crap. So now I'm limited to SiriusXM Patriot, which leans a bit farther right than I do (although as the Obama administration continues I'm getting more and more reactionary), but it's still better than having to listen to the mainstream know-nothings.