Friday, February 8, 2013

Political Posts

For a while I have been wondering if there has been a point to my posts that are of a political nature.  Why add one more small (by number of pageviews) voice to my political ideas, when there are already so many others?

I doubt that too many people who come here are liberals.  I have only had two comments from liberals, and they were both in response to the comment debates that I have occasionally.  It is my guess that liberals are less likely to seek out the opinions of their political opponents.

So why should I continue to write about politics when the choir can go other places and find better writers who are writing about the same sort of things?

And why write for liberals if they aren't coming here anyway, and if they are, then they should probably be reading Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell instead?

I thought of this post and a reason for my continuing just before I fell asleep, but now that I've slept on it I don't recall my answer for why I should continue.  I probably will continue, because it occasionally amuses me.


  1. I come here and to other blogs and websites, to get ideas, thoughts, amused, steal ideas, whatever. Even though you may be preaching to the choir, not everyone is a tenor. Some sing high, some low, some can hold a note, some can't.

    'to thine own self be true'