Wednesday, February 27, 2013

International Sports

Apparently, wrestling has been removed from the list of Olympic events.

It would seem to me that the Olympic events were meant as contests of people's physical ability.  Competitions of physical ability are: running, jumping, swimming, shooting, wrestling, boxing.

How is it that wrestling is gone but rhythmic gymnastics is apparently a sport?  What is rhythmic gymnastics?  Don't tell me; I don't care.

I watched an event, or two, last summer, while in a bar with the tv on.  But I don't have any interest in watching somthing with stupid events like synchronized swimming. Even things like canoeing would seem to be more about who has the best canoe, not about whoever is most able to run fast.

The above linked article mentions that wrestling may have been removed becasue a few of the countries on the committee don't wrestle well.

That brings me to car racing.  I wouldn't mind watching some sort of car racing.  Formula 1 sounds interesting, particularly the Monaco Gran Prix, but all of the races take place outside of the U.S.  Apparently in the U.S. we have IndyCar.  Things I know about IndyCar: 1.) Danica Patrick looks good.  Is she a full time NASCAR driver now? Don't tell me; I don't care.  If Formula 1 and IndyCar were combined, most of the races would still need to be out side of the U.S.  This is good for seeing the world and getting racers from everywhere, but I doubt that maybe two races in the U.S. a year are enough to maintain our interest when we have enough disposable income to have our own whole series here.

Its too bad that I'd need to cross an ocean to watch touring car racing, that sounds better than watching fiberglass bodies on aluminum tube frames go 'round in circles.

I had a point when I started writing this, but I seem to have forgotten what it is.  Ohwell.

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