Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sometimes its best to laugh.

Chicago Police Want 12 Percent Pay Raise h/t: drudge


The union also wants officers to get extra money because they are required to live in the city.  
I wonder why. Is it because the city has hundreds of murders?


  1. No, the residency requirement also applies to firemen, teachers and other city workers. The rule has been in place for over 50 years but wasn't always strictly enforced. Mayor Daley (the father) cracked down on it during the 1960's probably to stem white flight - and the idea that if the taxpayers are paying their salaries, at least some of that money should come back in taxes the city employee pays. That would mainly be sales tax and property tax, since Chicago does not have an income tax.

    1. I meant, but for some reason didn't state, that the cops must be asking for more money because they are forced to live in a dangerous city.